Friday, November 14, 2008

Glass painting

Our first class in creative zone is GLASS PAINTING :-

A)Material :-

1)Glass - U can use anything from ur home like jar,bottles or best option is buy a picture frame

2)Glass Colors/Acrylic colours

3)Lead for making outlines or black colour outliner for glass painting .

4)Thinner or Nail paint remover can also be used.

5)Tracing Paper

6)Plain white paper

7)Color Mixing Tray/waste bowl/plate

8)Paint brushes (Size - 1,6)
Usually for glass painting we use synthetic brushes but u can use any brush for first try....

10.Paper cutter

11.Pen or Pencil (For sketching)

12)Paper napkin/tissue/cotton roll for cleaning..

13)Design which u want to make on glass...


The most impotant problem we all face is from where to buy all material so if ur in US look for these shops.....

1)Hobby lobby
3)Walmart for picture frames
4)Art supply